Taking a Step Back w/ Mikayla by Calvin Enzo


Sometimes you just need to step back to see your work in another perspective and from that you can see what changes needed to be made and so forth.  As I continue to shoot over the years, I find it beneficial to do this every once in a while to make sure I am always progressing.  Earlier this year, I took a break from doing shoots and really broke it down to see where I wanted to aim for in my photography.  I was reaching out to friends and getting their insight and in the end, I found what I really wanted to do.  

Today, I wanted to bring out a set I shot back in June this year while I was in Vancouver.  I wanted to travel to a new area and expand my reach.  I reached out to Just Breezies during my trip to Vancouver since this was their home city and wanted to see if we could collaborate once again.  Over the years, we've frequently collaborated on numerous projects but have yet to meet.  For this set,  I chose a very cozy spot that I had rented out for the day.  The place had very good lighting as it had lots of windows so alot of natural light was in the room. We shot this set in the kitchen and kept it pretty simple.  I wanted to see how Mikayla worked so it was more of a warm up set for us as we started to shoot.  She threw on this simple shirt and we started to shoot away. Check out the set below and over the next few weeks Ill be releasing the sets that we shot.  Have a good weekend.


Creating Emotions w/ Andi by Calvin Enzo


Im currently in Dubai right now on multiple projects so I'm based here for the next 2-3 months depending on what I am needed on.  I find it interesting how sometimes taking a few steps back could turn into a leap forward.  I am growing accustomed to the environment and the people here. I am also having fun learning the culture and meeting with some friends.  With that being said I wanted to bring out this set I shot with Andi before I left.

I had some downtime the week of my departure so I decided to get a suite out of the W Hotel that was part of the SLS hotel.  With my previous test shoot with Journelle, they were happy with the outcome so I reached back out to them to have another set sent out for my shoot with Andi.  I had previously reached out to Andi before but due to some complications she wasn't able to shoot but this time it worked out and I'm glad it did.  Being able to do test shoots with people that are open to your ideas are very beneficial.  It was fairly easy to shoot with Andi and we got through our sets pretty quick.  I wanted to create this set with more moods and feeling with the sun setting in the room I was able to do that.  Ive never talked about how I edit my photos but I normally look for music that would inspire me to create the mood.  I was listening to Ty Dolla $igns new album specifically the track "Side Effects" for this photoset.  I don't know why this song stood out to me but i replayed this track over 10x as I was editing this set. Anyways check it out for yourself and hope you enjoy this set.


Round 2 w/ Maria by Calvin Enzo


Whats Up Everybody?  As I am preparing for my trip to Dubai this week, I started to begin looking through my past photoshoots that Ive done this year.  I remember over the summer, I had made a few trips to LA.  During one of these trips, I was able to link up with Maria once again.  We decided to do a few sets with one of the spots that I was staying at in Santa Monica.  We decided to use this yellow lingerie piece and shot it in the bathroom.  I really liked the simplicity of the decor of the bathroom and thought with the lingerie she was wearing it would really make her stand out.  It was good to create with Maria once again.  She was familiar with my shooting style so it was really easy to work with her.  Check out the set below and have a great tuesday!


Test Shoot Segment w/ Bri H by Calvin Enzo


Its been a while  since Ive last posted here so I wanted to bring this set I shot last week with Bri.  I haven't done a test shoot in a while as Ive been busy with other projects and shoots.  Ill try to keep this blog up to date and also on my social media as well.  

Last week, I had a room at the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas.  I decided to reach out to a few people on a last minute notice to see if they wanted to do a test shoot with some stuff that I had received from Journelle. Bri was fortunately available within the 48 hour notice so we got together the next day to create this set.  Bri had done one previous shoot but it had been a while so I was surprised at how naturally it came to her as we shot.  I felt we used the room pretty well and created a dope vibe throughout the set.  Check out the set we created and have a good weekend!


Back to the Concrete Jungle w/ Sabrina by Calvin Enzo


Hello Everyone. Its been a while since I've last posted.  Honestly, the time has flew by this year and its been hard to keep this blog up but Im going to try to keep this updated now.  I had decided to start my rebranding so for 3-4 months, I stopped shooting content while I started to brainstorm and planned out my new direction and what I was going to do with my photography.  With that being said,  I was in New York this past july during fashion week to visit some friends and just get back in touch with my "roots".  NYC has always been my go to city whenever I feel like I'm "stuck" in my life.  The city is called the concrete jungle because everything is "real" out here.  People don't bullshit you and they will tell you straight up and not sugarcoat.  There isn't any ifs, ands, or buts just straight up with you.  

During my time in NYC, I reached out to Sabrina to do a shoot while I was there.  We had met while going out with some friends a year ago.  Coincidently, she wanted to explore modeling so the shoot worked out perfectly.  For this first set, we just went casual with the bodysuit and shot this look at one of the office spaces in soho.  The vibe I wanted to capture was just something chill and nothing too serious.  She was relatively new to this but Sabrina did great as I was able to snap and capture the moments while we were there.  Check out this set below and expect more updates.  Might even try to revamp this website in general. Who Knows?


Chicago to Vegas w/ Ro by Calvin Enzo

Today I wanted to bring this set I shot with Ro when she first moved here to Vegas.  We originally linked up in chicago for our first shoot and pretty soon after a few months later she moved to las vegas.  We decided to do another shoot at my place this time.  Ro decided to keep it simple and just threw on a bodysuit.  At the time, I had never used my place for shoots so I decided to shoot it towards the stairs and near one of the windows.  I like manipulating the light from the sheer curtains to create a soft feel through the photos. Anyways check out this set i shot with Ro and enjoy your wednesday!

Valentines Part 3 w/ Christina & Joelle by Calvin Enzo

For the last of my Valentines Series,  this was sort of a spur of the moment type shoot.  Recently,  I had contacted my friend Christina to see if she wanted to shoot and we came together with this idea for a VDay/Lingerie Shoot.  This year I've been experimenting different styles of photography and started to use flash in some of my shoots.  One of my main reasons why I got into photography was because of Danny Steezy in LA.  Everyone does the flash style Photography but no-one captures it better than he does.  Overtime this has been proven true.  I truly respect his style and work.  Definitely one of the best.  Anyways Christina came over with her friend Joelle one afternoon and we decided to shoot this set.  I wanted to capture fun vibes between 2 friends and they had fun as well in this shoot.  The set went by pretty fast and we got a bunch of good shots.  Anyways check it out. This is a bit different for me but I'm glad i got a chance to create this with friends.

Valentines Part 2 w/ Victoria N by Calvin Enzo

Happy Valentines Day to everyone. Whatever your take is on for this holiday just spend it with someone you care about. Im currently on the way to Chicago as this is being posted to visit some friends and just want to be surrounded by good vibes.  Anyways for today,  being that its valentines day, during my time in LA, Victoria and I came together for some Valentines Day Ideas that I wanted to create.  Ive always liked creating with Victoria because she is always very open to the ideas I have and each time our sets turn out very well so it has been a very complimenting working relationship with her.  For this time, I wanted to use rose petals in a shoot and being in LA they have a flower district where you can get fresh rose petals for a good price.  Don't ever cut corners on an idea.  I felt like I could have found fake flower petals but the real ones look way better. The colors are more vibrant and so forth.  Anyways the studio I had rented out had this white tub and the room was perfect with the wooden floors with lots of natural light coming in.  This set was definitely fun as I got to work with one of my favorite make up artist Julian which has been a while since we last collaborated.  It was like a reunion of friends more than a photoshoot.  Okay ill stop rambling but check out this set and have a great holiday!

Valentines Part 1 w/ Celine T by Calvin Enzo

This year I wanted to focus on more themes and to create imagery from the themes.  Most theme shoots are really cheesy and for the most part is very rarely executed well.  So I decided to take a stab at it for Valentines Day.  I really wanted to do a classy and elegant shoot with roses.  I got the idea to find a black cocktail gown and to use roses in the shoot.  I wasn't trying to go over the top so I wanted to find a plain background and execute the idea.  I had hit up my friend Celine while she was still in LA for the shoot.  I felt that she had a good look for it.  I haven't really worked with any stylists so I spent a few days looking for a black dress that would go with the theme that I wanted to create.  Since its my idea then I figured I should try to find the right clothes for the shoot. Normally and most photographers just tell people the general idea and would leave it up to the model to get the right clothes.  Anyways Celine and I got together one evening to shoot this look together. I really loved how everything came together and the mood was perfect in what we were going for.  Anyways hope everyone enjoys this set.  

Newport Piers w/ Diana M by Calvin Enzo

Currently overwhelmed with deadlines and new sets and celebrating my birthday.  Its been a mission to update this week.  To start the weekend off, I wanted to show you this set that I shot with Diana last october.  I remember at the time when we were planning the shoot, I was shooting a lot of indoor sets so I wanted to do all outdoors for a change.  One of the sets we shot was at the Newport Pier.  I had never used this location before so I thought it was a good idea to explore a bit and see what we could come up with.  The location wasn't too crowded when we shot so we I got to use the area pretty well without having to worry about people in the shot.  I had fun shooting with Diana as she had a very cheerful and easy going vibe so it was a pretty easy shoot. Check out the set we created and have a great weekend everyone.

Always Hotter in Dallas w/ Colleen by Calvin Enzo

Keeping up with my posts, Today I wanted to show this set I shot with Colleen while I was in Dallas.  I went to Dallas for the first time last year and got to link up with Colleen while I was out there.  One of the sets we created, was this pretty rad pool set.  The pool layout was pretty dope and immediately I had ideas to use the whole pool area rather than focusing just the pool itself.   I like how the apartment complex we were at was surrounding the pool so it provided a great background and shows how vast the place was.  I had fun taking few of these shots before we made use of the other pool areas.  Anyways enjoy this set and have a great start of the week.

Downtown SF w/ Ellen R by Calvin Enzo

One of the fun things I do with my photography is traveling to different cities to shoot with different models.  I like exploring new cities and meeting new people.  Not many photographers travel and are more known to their own city.  Networking is essential these days so I use my photography as an outlet for me to do so.  I was able to visit San Francisco for the first time last year due to my friend Tommy moving there for work at that time.  I didn't realize I had some friends from back home that moved there as well so I was able to get reacquainted with some of them while I was out there.  During my visit, I got to link up with Ellen on a shoot.  We decided on a location somewhere downtown SF.  It was a nice little space that we had and for this set, we decided to use the common area.  It was a nice cool afternoon and sort of breezy so we had the windows open and it just provided a very relaxed mood for our shoot.  Anyways check out the set we created while I was out there.

Lifestyle on Camera w/ Yvonne Y by Calvin Enzo

Ive started to dig through of all my shoots in 2016 and released i have about 30-40 sets that i have yet to release.  Thats a pretty insane amount.  I am going to try to release these from time to time but I really want to focus on what I am currently doing so its more up to date per say.  Anyways this set I show with Yvonne was back in June, while I was in LA.  Yvonne is from houston and whenever she travels to LA she's always checking to see if I am in town since Im always popping up in LA on random occasions.  I was in fact that week that she was in town so we decided to link up again to create some new images.  We've worked pretty well previously so I had no problem with linking with her again this time.  For this time, I had rented out a studio in downtown LA which had a pretty open and vacant area for us to create in.  Yvonne decided to wear this all white lingerie to go with the rugged urban look of the photo studio as it just had a very industrial vibe to it.  We found a slightly worn black couch to use and I liked how the set came together.  The white lingerie became the focus of the set as everything else was pretty rugged so it stood out a lot.  We primarily shot this using the couch and tried to get as many looks as we could from it.  Check out the set we did and enjoy your weekend!

Bedside w/ Stephanie M by Calvin Enzo

It always seems a never ending amount of photos I have had to edit already throughout 2017. It was only about a few days ago, I had caught up with all of my edits and then I went to LA last week and now i have another 600-800 photos to edit.  This year Ive been wanting to create more themed shoots like holiday type shoots and going for certain looks.  I have a pretty good cast of models that I can use so I am able to create majority of the looks I want.  I have also began test shooting within the Las Vegas area to seek out new potential candidates for my upcoming shoots.

Today I wanted to bring out a set I shot with Stephanie while I was in Tampa a few months ago.  Normally I would release sets 2-3 months down the road but I thought this year I would try to keep it as current as possible. So I thought I would start out with this set with Stephanie.  I was in Tampa for a few days and during that time I got to shoot with Stephanie.  I had never been to Tampa before and Stephanie was showing me around the area. It reminded me a lot like Orlando in a way.  Anyways for this first set, Stephanie threw on this sexy one piece that she had. I liked the olive color way as it really made the set pop because of the white interior she had in her room.  I liked how her tattoos showed through the one piece.  Anyways check out this set we did and have a great wednesday!

Lounging Around w/ Brittani P by Calvin Enzo

Happy Monday Everyone.  This year I'm going to change up the way Ive been working with people as now going into my 4th year in photography.  I want to start working with a core group of models that I will be consistently shooting with.  One reason is that I can keep on creating new content and know how to work with the model.  As each shoot progresses we should begin to work better together and create some dope shots.  Anyways I just wanted to put that out there but today I wanted to share this set I shot with my friend Brittani before I headed over to the east coast last year.  We used the clubhouse floor of my apartment complex since no-one is ever there I decided it would be a good spot to shoot in.  The place had a lot of natural light so I was able to create some dope shots within the area.  For this set, we opted for a more casual look since we didn't know if people were going to walk through the club house since it is a common area.  Anyways hope everyone has a great monday and please enjoy these photos!

Reminiscing Milan w/ Martina by Calvin Enzo

During this time around last year, I was in Milan attending my first mens fashion week.  It just came to me that i never released the photos i shot with Martina while I was in Milan.  Its crazy how fast the time has gone by and its already been a year since we shot these.  Looking back at these photos, I remember that day pretty well because the shoot was interesting.  Given the fact I was in a foreign country and communication with Martina was rather difficult because her english wasn't the best but we managed to get through. I remember using google translator to explain and finally we got to do our shoot.  We did a casual lingerie set with a fur coat that she wanted to use.  Overall, the shoot turned out pretty well and it was a fun experience to shoot with people from another country that follows your work.  Hope everyone has a great monday and enjoy this set I did with Martina.

Reading Between the Lines w/ Melissa S by Calvin Enzo

I was going over some photos the other day and stumbled upon this set I did with Melissa.  We did this some time ago where we used my kitchen as a shoot location.  We wanted to be bit more adventurous so we did a implied newspaper look that was quiet fun to shoot.  I liked how the vibe was sort of casual and chill rather than something provocative and sexy.  Its always nice to create with someone that is down with ideas like this.  The chemistry that the photographer and model plays a huge part in every photoset.  Anyways I'm not going to keep rambling on so enjoy this set and have a great weekend.  

Developing Emotions w/ Catherine L by Calvin Enzo

Continuing from my last blog post, I wanted to share another set I did in black and white. Honestly I forgot about this set I did with Catherine until she recently posted a picture from that set.  I really liked how this set turned out as it was very dark and emotional.  It portrayed a sense of seductiveness through out the photoset.  Catherine had this black lingerie set and we shot it near the windows of my place.  There were sheer curtains so we used that as well to our advantage which turned out pretty dope.  Check out the set I did with Catherine and hope everyone has a great day.  

Monochromatic w/ Carly B by Calvin Enzo

Each year, I travel to art basel to attend the festivities there.  This past december while I was down there I was able to link up with a Boston based model name Carly while I was there.  Originally we had coordinated to shoot in Boston but realized we were both going to be in Miami around the same time so we decided to shoot down there.  Coincidently we were staying at the same location just a few floors apart from each other so it was easy to set up a shoot.  The place she was staying at was completely white so we decided to do a cool black and white set in the bedroom.  Sometimes the simplest settings are the best for a photoshoot.  It allows you to focus more on the model while creating a sense of sophistication in the set.  Carly threw on this black bra/panty set and we shot in the room. I felt we used the room pretty well and the photosets definitely shows this.  Check out this set I did while I was in Miami and hope everyone has a great weekend. 

Stone Step Hoppin' w/ Jaslin by Calvin Enzo

Whats Up Everyone Happy New Year!  To start off 2017, I decided to start with a set I did with Jaslin before I headed out to the east coast.  Ive been wanting to shoot at this location for sometime.  When I had first moved to vegas, I had found these manmade rock formations that were pretty dope.  I like how vast it was and that it just provided a really dope setting to shoot in. Jaslin and I decided to go with something more simple and she threw on this lacy bodysuit with some sneakers.  I remember it was really hot that day so we didn't spend too much time there because we were sweating like crazy just walking there.  Anyways hope you enjoy this set and have a great first week of the new year.