Breaking Hearts w/ Andi N / by Calvin Enzo


Im normally not a fan of themed shoots but sometimes creating something simple is all it takes to get the point across.  While shooting with Andi, she had the ideal of something simple for an almost valentines themed concept.  It was just a simple red lingerie set with some roses.  I liked the idea as it wasn't overly cheesy and I was able to create a moody set from using my windows at my place.  I liked how the set came out as the mood throughout the shoot was just really chilled and effortless.  This time the way i shot, it was more out of my norm as I normally moved around but I had Andi change up her poses while we used the windows as a backdrop.  It was just fun to create something dope without having to overthink the concept.  Anyways I hope everyone enjoys this set, as it has shown that sometimes you just need to keep it simple and it'll all work out.