Taking a Step Back w/ Mikayla / by Calvin Enzo


Sometimes you just need to step back to see your work in another perspective and from that you can see what changes needed to be made and so forth.  As I continue to shoot over the years, I find it beneficial to do this every once in a while to make sure I am always progressing.  Earlier this year, I took a break from doing shoots and really broke it down to see where I wanted to aim for in my photography.  I was reaching out to friends and getting their insight and in the end, I found what I really wanted to do.  

Today, I wanted to bring out a set I shot back in June this year while I was in Vancouver.  I wanted to travel to a new area and expand my reach.  I reached out to Just Breezies during my trip to Vancouver since this was their home city and wanted to see if we could collaborate once again.  Over the years, we've frequently collaborated on numerous projects but have yet to meet.  For this set,  I chose a very cozy spot that I had rented out for the day.  The place had very good lighting as it had lots of windows so alot of natural light was in the room. We shot this set in the kitchen and kept it pretty simple.  I wanted to see how Mikayla worked so it was more of a warm up set for us as we started to shoot.  She threw on this simple shirt and we started to shoot away. Check out the set below and over the next few weeks Ill be releasing the sets that we shot.  Have a good weekend.