Valentines Part 2 w/ Victoria N / by Calvin Enzo

Happy Valentines Day to everyone. Whatever your take is on for this holiday just spend it with someone you care about. Im currently on the way to Chicago as this is being posted to visit some friends and just want to be surrounded by good vibes.  Anyways for today,  being that its valentines day, during my time in LA, Victoria and I came together for some Valentines Day Ideas that I wanted to create.  Ive always liked creating with Victoria because she is always very open to the ideas I have and each time our sets turn out very well so it has been a very complimenting working relationship with her.  For this time, I wanted to use rose petals in a shoot and being in LA they have a flower district where you can get fresh rose petals for a good price.  Don't ever cut corners on an idea.  I felt like I could have found fake flower petals but the real ones look way better. The colors are more vibrant and so forth.  Anyways the studio I had rented out had this white tub and the room was perfect with the wooden floors with lots of natural light coming in.  This set was definitely fun as I got to work with one of my favorite make up artist Julian which has been a while since we last collaborated.  It was like a reunion of friends more than a photoshoot.  Okay ill stop rambling but check out this set and have a great holiday!