Back to the Concrete Jungle w/ Sabrina / by Calvin Enzo


Hello Everyone. Its been a while since I've last posted.  Honestly, the time has flew by this year and its been hard to keep this blog up but Im going to try to keep this updated now.  I had decided to start my rebranding so for 3-4 months, I stopped shooting content while I started to brainstorm and planned out my new direction and what I was going to do with my photography.  With that being said,  I was in New York this past july during fashion week to visit some friends and just get back in touch with my "roots".  NYC has always been my go to city whenever I feel like I'm "stuck" in my life.  The city is called the concrete jungle because everything is "real" out here.  People don't bullshit you and they will tell you straight up and not sugarcoat.  There isn't any ifs, ands, or buts just straight up with you.  

During my time in NYC, I reached out to Sabrina to do a shoot while I was there.  We had met while going out with some friends a year ago.  Coincidently, she wanted to explore modeling so the shoot worked out perfectly.  For this first set, we just went casual with the bodysuit and shot this look at one of the office spaces in soho.  The vibe I wanted to capture was just something chill and nothing too serious.  She was relatively new to this but Sabrina did great as I was able to snap and capture the moments while we were there.  Check out this set below and expect more updates.  Might even try to revamp this website in general. Who Knows?