Valentines Part 3 w/ Christina & Joelle / by Calvin Enzo

For the last of my Valentines Series,  this was sort of a spur of the moment type shoot.  Recently,  I had contacted my friend Christina to see if she wanted to shoot and we came together with this idea for a VDay/Lingerie Shoot.  This year I've been experimenting different styles of photography and started to use flash in some of my shoots.  One of my main reasons why I got into photography was because of Danny Steezy in LA.  Everyone does the flash style Photography but no-one captures it better than he does.  Overtime this has been proven true.  I truly respect his style and work.  Definitely one of the best.  Anyways Christina came over with her friend Joelle one afternoon and we decided to shoot this set.  I wanted to capture fun vibes between 2 friends and they had fun as well in this shoot.  The set went by pretty fast and we got a bunch of good shots.  Anyways check it out. This is a bit different for me but I'm glad i got a chance to create this with friends.