Creating Emotions w/ Andi / by Calvin Enzo


Im currently in Dubai right now on multiple projects so I'm based here for the next 2-3 months depending on what I am needed on.  I find it interesting how sometimes taking a few steps back could turn into a leap forward.  I am growing accustomed to the environment and the people here. I am also having fun learning the culture and meeting with some friends.  With that being said I wanted to bring out this set I shot with Andi before I left.

I had some downtime the week of my departure so I decided to get a suite out of the W Hotel that was part of the SLS hotel.  With my previous test shoot with Journelle, they were happy with the outcome so I reached back out to them to have another set sent out for my shoot with Andi.  I had previously reached out to Andi before but due to some complications she wasn't able to shoot but this time it worked out and I'm glad it did.  Being able to do test shoots with people that are open to your ideas are very beneficial.  It was fairly easy to shoot with Andi and we got through our sets pretty quick.  I wanted to create this set with more moods and feeling with the sun setting in the room I was able to do that.  Ive never talked about how I edit my photos but I normally look for music that would inspire me to create the mood.  I was listening to Ty Dolla $igns new album specifically the track "Side Effects" for this photoset.  I don't know why this song stood out to me but i replayed this track over 10x as I was editing this set. Anyways check it out for yourself and hope you enjoy this set.