Collaborations from Up North w/ Tayler J / by Calvin Enzo


Hello Everyone. Its been a busy new year already. I took a week off from photos and posting just to reset my mind and to really see what I wanted to accomplish this year.  During around this time last year, I completely stopped shooting to rebrand myself and to start to fine-tune my photography and decided to be more in control on the creative side.  The set I am releasing today was actually shot back in april of last year.  This was the first shoot where I styled and coordinated with make up artist and other stylists to come up with this concept.  I reached out to my friends in Canada that ran the social media platform Just Breezies and told them my idea.  Ive always worked really well with Just Breezies so it was a no brainer when I reached out to them and they were happy to assist on my project.  We linked up with one of the models they've shot with name Tayler.  I loved her look as it was what I wanted for this classic car lingerie style shoot.  I teamed up with Revossa Fashion to have them provide some of the jackets and scarves we used in this shoot.  Overall i felt that the project was a success and we definitely got alot of good shots.  Tayler was extremely easy to work with and it was a pretty fun shoot.  Check out the set we did below and enjoy your week!