Snap Shot // Victoria Nguyen x Los Angeles Set 2

For this next set, I wanted to use the upstairs bedroom at the penthouse i was staying at. It had large windows and i love using natural light to create a soft look using my camera.  So Eddie had Victoria put on this metallic tank top and we headed upstairs.  It was a very simple look but with the natural light illuminating the whole room, I was able to come away with some awesome photos of Victoria.  We first used a chair because the ground was cold and thought a prop would be cool.  Ive rarely used props for my shoots but it was fun with Victoria trying out different poses on the chair.  Anyways it is Friday so ill shut up and let you enjoy this set of photos of Victoria. Have a Great Weekend.


OOTD x Whit P - Soho/Mercer St

What i like about photography is that i get to have creative control in my shoots. Im not forced to shoot a certain way and don't have to follow rules. Sometimes i like to experience OOTD type of shoots. Stuff that I've done for QCGentlemen and back when i was down in Miami i did a couple of shots for my friends Sarah and Whit.  On my recent trip to NYC, coincidently i found out that same weekend, my friend Whit was going to be in NYC for a premiere.  I thought it would be a good idea to try to see if we can do a quick OOTD for our IGs. It seems that we always meet up in random cities, yet when we are in our own cities, we are constantly too busy to meet up.  On my last day in NYC, we got to meet up.  We did our usual ritual which is we go eat then we go shoot (i.e.: Miami/Charlotte).   Anyways after our lunch at this Japanese Yakitori place (which I stumbled upon while walking to meet up Whit),  we decided to go to Soho to get our shot. I remembered on Mercer Street there was always cobble stone roads similar to the ones in the Meat Packing District.  This shoot took about 2 minutes due to 1 it was freaking cold (30 degrees with wind) and it was on the part of mercer close to the main road so there was incoming cars left and right so we had to wait for the light to change and coordinate.  Anyways check out the images that we took in 2 minutes. This was a fun shoot and the shots came out dope!!  


Snap Shot // Victoria Nguyen x Los Angeles Set 1

During my stay in Los Angeles, I had rented out this penthouse in downtown LA.  Its been 7 years since I've been back and i honestly never have been in downtown LA so i thought this would be a good opportunity to stay a few days here.  While I stayed here, i got to shoot with Victoria.  As a college student, she was constantly busy and I wasn't sure if we were able to link up due to our schedule conflicts but I'm glad it worked out.  So one afternoon Victoria came through and we got to shoot. Victoria had brought her friend Eddie with her, who was a stylist. Pretty rad dude, I don't ever mind having more people that that can contribute to the shoot. Its always fun to collaborate and to see other peoples views. In the end, you always come up with something ill.  Anyways, for this set Eddie chose out a simple burgundy/reddish bodysuit.  Victoria threw on some heels with it and we went at it.  Check out the set below.