Snap Shot // Jenny Mucaj in NYC

On my recent trip to NYC, I was able to link up with this model name Jenny Mucaj. I actually found her off ModelMayhem...which in a conclusive debate with my friend Estevan is one of the worst places to find models but I'm glad i found her.  We shot at this apartment i rented out near 49th street.  I normally don't post photo sets from my most recent shoots until much later but i felt this set turned out really nice and I'm starting to feel that i actually know what the heck I'm doing when I'm behind the camera. Anyways Jenny met up with me on the day i was about to leave for a quick shoot. We decided on a white on white outfit and used the chair that was at the apartment as a prop.  Jenny was pretty dope as well as the shoot went well and we came away with some nice pictures. So scroll down and check them out !