CENZOL Studios



CENZOL was established in 2013 as a creative outlet for Calvin Enzo Lee.  Specializing in natural light photography, he is able to capture models in a different perspective. Through trial and error and with the help of his friends, he was able to create his own style of photography for the world to see.   He is always looking for new creative outlets to expand his photography further and is always looking forward to collaborating with other creative individuals.  Currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Craft from Pride, Rise Above

2013 - 2018 CENZOL

2019 - CENZOL Studios was created due to the demand in photography for new brands and businesses. CENZOL Studios helps businesses “voice” and create their identities in the industry. Through our vision, we will create unparalleled images to set you apart from the rest. Our goal is to establish your business and become a leading competitive entity. We are the marketing solution for your business.