Newport Piers w/ Diana M / by Calvin Enzo

Currently overwhelmed with deadlines and new sets and celebrating my birthday.  Its been a mission to update this week.  To start the weekend off, I wanted to show you this set that I shot with Diana last october.  I remember at the time when we were planning the shoot, I was shooting a lot of indoor sets so I wanted to do all outdoors for a change.  One of the sets we shot was at the Newport Pier.  I had never used this location before so I thought it was a good idea to explore a bit and see what we could come up with.  The location wasn't too crowded when we shot so we I got to use the area pretty well without having to worry about people in the shot.  I had fun shooting with Diana as she had a very cheerful and easy going vibe so it was a pretty easy shoot. Check out the set we created and have a great weekend everyone.