Lounging Around w/ Brittani P / by Calvin Enzo

Happy Monday Everyone.  This year I'm going to change up the way Ive been working with people as now going into my 4th year in photography.  I want to start working with a core group of models that I will be consistently shooting with.  One reason is that I can keep on creating new content and know how to work with the model.  As each shoot progresses we should begin to work better together and create some dope shots.  Anyways I just wanted to put that out there but today I wanted to share this set I shot with my friend Brittani before I headed over to the east coast last year.  We used the clubhouse floor of my apartment complex since no-one is ever there I decided it would be a good spot to shoot in.  The place had a lot of natural light so I was able to create some dope shots within the area.  For this set, we opted for a more casual look since we didn't know if people were going to walk through the club house since it is a common area.  Anyways hope everyone has a great monday and please enjoy these photos!