Reminiscing Milan w/ Martina / by Calvin Enzo

During this time around last year, I was in Milan attending my first mens fashion week.  It just came to me that i never released the photos i shot with Martina while I was in Milan.  Its crazy how fast the time has gone by and its already been a year since we shot these.  Looking back at these photos, I remember that day pretty well because the shoot was interesting.  Given the fact I was in a foreign country and communication with Martina was rather difficult because her english wasn't the best but we managed to get through. I remember using google translator to explain and finally we got to do our shoot.  We did a casual lingerie set with a fur coat that she wanted to use.  Overall, the shoot turned out pretty well and it was a fun experience to shoot with people from another country that follows your work.  Hope everyone has a great monday and enjoy this set I did with Martina.