Bedside w/ Stephanie M / by Calvin Enzo

It always seems a never ending amount of photos I have had to edit already throughout 2017. It was only about a few days ago, I had caught up with all of my edits and then I went to LA last week and now i have another 600-800 photos to edit.  This year Ive been wanting to create more themed shoots like holiday type shoots and going for certain looks.  I have a pretty good cast of models that I can use so I am able to create majority of the looks I want.  I have also began test shooting within the Las Vegas area to seek out new potential candidates for my upcoming shoots.

Today I wanted to bring out a set I shot with Stephanie while I was in Tampa a few months ago.  Normally I would release sets 2-3 months down the road but I thought this year I would try to keep it as current as possible. So I thought I would start out with this set with Stephanie.  I was in Tampa for a few days and during that time I got to shoot with Stephanie.  I had never been to Tampa before and Stephanie was showing me around the area. It reminded me a lot like Orlando in a way.  Anyways for this first set, Stephanie threw on this sexy one piece that she had. I liked the olive color way as it really made the set pop because of the white interior she had in her room.  I liked how her tattoos showed through the one piece.  Anyways check out this set we did and have a great wednesday!