Evergreen Dreams w/ Colleen / by Calvin Enzo

Im currently in NYC right now.  I had just landed and now I’m near central park at my hotel.  I thought since I had some downtime before I had to get started that I would update my blog.  Sometimes its hard to update when you’re always on the go. This month has been extremely busy as I was in Miami last week and now I’m in NYC with more travels to follow throughout this month.  Anyways recently I was able to go to Dallas for the first time and I got to link up with a model name Colleen while I was out there.  Colleen and I was linked through our mutual friends at Just Breezies.  It wasn’t the first time I had worked with a model that was referred by Just Breezies so I was excited when they set us up for our shoot.  Like always the shoot never disappoints as you can see from our set.  Colleens modeling style complimented the way i shoot so it was really easy to work with her and we knocked out our sets very quickly.  Anyways I definitely want to come back to Dallas and plan to by the end of the year.  Check out the set we shot and have a great monday.