Proving Grounds w/ Laura G / by Calvin Enzo

One thing that I have been consistently working on is to fine tune my craft in photography.  Ive always loved to create images and somewhat come up with a story with each session.  This year was my year when I started to fine-tune my work and I wanted to move in the direction of fashion photography.  Ive always wanted to work with Agent Provocateur or La Perla and wanted to start diving into their style of photography and add alittle of my own twist to it.  One of the obstacles I faced while producing this shoot was finding the right model to create the look with. In a market that is overly saturated with plastic models, I had trouble finding a model that was all natural and that also had the right look to produce what I wanted to create. Normally people have a whole team to create this style of shoot but I just sort of did everything myself and it took a bit longer but I got to learn the process and worked out the obstacles myself.  I chose to work with a girl I had previously linked with through my friends at Just Breezies.  I presented the idea to Laura and she was open to it although most of her work have been commercial since the last time we shot.  I also wanted to get video footage of our shoot and the process we went through so I had my friend Shaun come from Kentucky to capture everything.  One thing that Ive always looked into was the details of the entire shoot meaning the outfit, the sizing, the fit, the girl, the make up everything.  I had to make sure it came together and it was the vision I wanted to create.  In the end, I had got what I wanted and was extremely pleased on how everything turned out.  Im stoked to work on my new projects in 2017 and this is only the beginning.  Check out the Video on IG and Images Below.  Enjoy.