Back with Day 1s w/ Victoria N / by Calvin Enzo

Whats up Everyone. This year is coming to a close and its been crazy busy for me and Ive been going through trials and tribulations sort of.   Realizing what works out best for me and preparing for the new year.  Today, Ive decided to bring out this set I did with Victoria back in september before i headed off to the east coast.  Ive known Victoria for some time now and we've always worked together pretty well. This time around i had my friend Shaun with me and we did some video work and also did a shoot.  Ive already posted the intro video of our shoot on instagram so please go check it out on there.  Anyways this first set I did with Victoria, we shot in her apartment and just threw on a casual outfit with a nice bra and panty set.  We used part of the living room and the mirror that she had there.  Ive always felt that Ive been able to capture Victoria differently than her other shoots with different photographers.  Always seems to have a warm vibe and just chill most of the time.  I remember we did this set pretty quick because shaun had to catch his flight in the morning so we did a quick shoot.  One thing I realized that our make up artist was amazing.  Tracie did an amazing job and was pretty stoked on how all the pictures turned out.  Anyways check out this first set I created with Victoria on our collaborative project.