Monochromatic w/ Carly B / by Calvin Enzo

Each year, I travel to art basel to attend the festivities there.  This past december while I was down there I was able to link up with a Boston based model name Carly while I was there.  Originally we had coordinated to shoot in Boston but realized we were both going to be in Miami around the same time so we decided to shoot down there.  Coincidently we were staying at the same location just a few floors apart from each other so it was easy to set up a shoot.  The place she was staying at was completely white so we decided to do a cool black and white set in the bedroom.  Sometimes the simplest settings are the best for a photoshoot.  It allows you to focus more on the model while creating a sense of sophistication in the set.  Carly threw on this black bra/panty set and we shot in the room. I felt we used the room pretty well and the photosets definitely shows this.  Check out this set I did while I was in Miami and hope everyone has a great weekend.