Industrial Vibes w/ Victoria N / by Calvin Enzo

Decided to start this week off with a set from Victoria.  I have worked with Victoria over the years and our shoots have always been well executed.  Earlier this year, I was in LA for a few days and decided to link up with Victoria for another session.  I had looked over our previous sets and we decided to do something sexy yet in an urban vibe.  We decided to look around her area in DTLA and I remembered while shooting on her rooftop there was a bunch of machinery on the lower level that we could look into. I felt that it was a perfect location for our shoot to mix in with a little lingerie.  I thought with all the machinery and the urban feel that Victoria will stand out something along the lines of a WOW feeling when you look at the set.  This set definitely brought that out as we shot in the area. I remember we had to sneak into the area to do the shoot and were lucky enough to not have any maintenance people stumble upon our shoot. Anyways check out the set below and have a great monday!