No More Parties w/ Celine T / by Calvin Enzo

This year has been a fairly busy year for me.  I noticed that I haven't been able to make frequent trips to LA like I did before and its because I have been going to more mens fashion week throughout the world as I am transitioning slowly into that field.  One of the models that Ive been trying to link up with out in LA was Celine.  Im not too sure how we came together for a shoot but we've been trying for some time as she goes to college in montana and is rarely in LA due to school.  So over the summer, I was able to catch up with her and we were able to get together for our first test shoot.  I sort of missed how I used to use streetwear clothes in my shoots so i opted to bring out one of Kanye's infamous sweaters that was made exclusively for los angeles.  I liked how the vibe was really chilled and it wasn't too overly provocative.  Just one of the more chilled sets that I got to create with Celine while we were in downtown LA.